Oyster History

Swansea Bay (Welsh: Bae Abertawe) is a bay on the Bristol Channel on the South Wales coast. Places on the bay include Mumbles, Swansea and Port Talbot. The River Neath, River Tawe, River Afan and Blackpill stream flow into the bay.

Swansea Bay (and all of the upper reaches of the Bristol Channel) experiences one of the largest tidal ranges in the world with a maximum range of about 10 m.[1] The shipping ports in Swansea Bay are Swansea Docks, Port Talbot Docks and Briton Ferry wharfs.


Oyster fishing was once an important industry in Swansea Bay, employing 600 people at its height in the 1860s. However, overfishing, disease and pollution had all but wiped out the oyster population by 1920. In 2005 plans were announced to reintroduce the Oyster farming industry.[2]

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