Mumbles Pier

Opened on 10th May 1898 and costing £10,000 Mumbles pier was originally designed as an overflow for cargo headed to Swansea Docks. It wasn’t long before the pier became a major terminal for paddle steamers unloading tourist from routes along the Bristol Channel and River Severn.

After the First World War the RNLI added a slipway and access walk to the north side of the pier and in the 1920’s the famous red roofed house was constructed at the top of the slipway.

World War Two saw the pier sectioned by the army during this time sections of the decking were removed and no maintenance was undertaken. In 1946 the pier was in desperate need of renewal but due to ongoing rationing of metal and wood it was not until 9th June 1956 that the pier re-opened. During this time a three tiered concrete landing stage was added to the head of the pier which would allow up to three ferries to dock at one time. All of the lattice work girders, pitch pine deck and joists were replaced along with restoration of the ornate balustrades.

After almost 60 years the pier is now undergoing a huge refurbishment program in which everything other than its legs will be either restored or renewed. A new RNLI boathouse and slipway is being built on the end of the pier as well as new fishing platforms along each side of the pier head. The pier will be re-opening to the public in the summer of 2014… hopefully!

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